Institutional Investor magazine redesign

Rebranding a trusted Wall Street stalwart as a forward looking, digital savvy media company.

Redesign, Rebranding, Art Direction, Storytelling, Typography, Ideation

The redesign was part of an effort to attract a younger readership and reposition the brand as a digital savvy media company ready for the digital age. As such, the magazine needed to not only reflect its 50 year past, but also look fresh and young for a new demographic. The result is a modernist feel that not only appeals to its established readership but also to a more tech focused audience.

Pre redesign cover

The redesign included a bold new typographic approach and a more visual display of information; a reorganization of the content to better align with the magazines website; and the implimentation of the new identity across all digital and print properties. 

The result is a younger, more modern look and a more accessible reader experience.