A platform where niche collectors can exchange goods and knowledge.
Storyboarding, User flows, Ideation, Prototyping, Usability testing

Team & Roles
Nathan Sinclair - Product Manager, Visual/Interaction Designer
Richard Cheeyou - Product Manager, Researcher
Rebecca Garrison - Accessibility, Content
Mateo Nava - Visual/Interaction Designer

Problem Statement
Redesign the trading and bartering experience for niche collectors and hobbyists, while considering expert collectors and appraisers. In a world where people want to find others who share their interests, we aim to create a communal platform for users to exchange goods and knowledge.

Proto personas


Sarah, super novice

User story:
Wants a quick and easy way to appraise and sell collectables online.

User flows

Homepage and Flow A sketches

Mid fidelity protoypes - Flow ‘A’, part 1

Mid fidelity protoypes - Flow ‘A’, part 2

Usability testing & affinity mapping

Nathan Sinclair Art Direction + UX Design / ph. 201-286-9132